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The Respiratory Clinic is up and running at the back of GMC House (47 Bowen St). This is next to the council car park off Bowen St and adjacent to the council car park off McLean St and can be access from Bowen Lane.

The clinic is running late morning – you can book a spot the afternoon before or the morning of the clinic via reception. This is a safe space where you can be seen face to face by a doctor and a nurse if you have respiratory illness or fever.

Due to the costs of running such a clinic with one on one time with a nurse and doctor, the clinic is privately billed, although there is a discount bill for pension card holders, and Medicare rebates apply.You can continue to access GPs via Telehealth at other times in the day.

The Respiratory Clinic, GMC House


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After Hrs: 0408 718 828


49 Bowen St Goondiwindi

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