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Gundy Medical Muster

The Gundy Medical Muster is a biannual event developed by our local clinicians who are passionate about providing education and networking opportunities for rural health clinicians and their communities. Since 2008 the event has been held every two years and has become a regular for many doctors, nurses and allied health professionals in the region. The Gundy Muster now also includes sessions for community members, most recently providing education and support in the areas of dementia, breastfeeding, palliative care and diabetes. The seventh Gundy Medical Muster will be held on September 12 and 13, 2020 and planning has already begun!

Gundy Medical Muster
Gundy Muster 2020

Gundy Muster 2020

2020 brought a new challenge for the Gundy Muster committee, organising our biennial conference with consideration to the changing restrictions to protect against the spread of COVID. The committee were committed to making sure the show would go on and did so by...

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